Yusk Imai

Self Taught.


-SEPTEMBER 2016 - 50x18m Wall painting at Vulica Brazil project, organized by the Brazilian Embassy in Minsk, Belarus. With Imai Yusk, Finok, L7M, Speto, Ramon Martins, OsGêmeos.

-JULY 2016 - Sixth individual exhibition titled " The Mortal Drama" presented by Backwoods Gallery at Melbourne, Australia.

-MARCH 2016 - Group show "A study of Darkness" presented by Backwoods Gallery, in Melbourne, Australia.

-FEBRUARY 2016 - Group show "Below the Surface" at Corey Helford Gallery, Culver City CA, USA. Curated by Caro.

-DECEMBER 2015 -Group show "Between worlds" curated by Caro, Presented at Corey Helford Gallery, Culver City CA, USA.

-NOVEMBER 2015- Fifth individual exhibition titled "Elsewhere" presented by Konstart and Scribe Gallery at Stockholm, Sweden.

-MAY 2015 -  "A Study of Camouflage" a group show curated by Backwoods Gallery, Melbourne Australia.
-APRIL 2015 -  Featured at Stroke Artfair in Munich, Germany.
-MARCH 2015 -  Featured at 19karen Gallery in Queensland, Australia.
-MARCH 2015 -  Group show "Portrait Gallery" at Kallenbach Gallery in Amsterdam, Holland.
-FEBRUARY 2015 - The Genuine Anti Cool exhibition and book release, at Backwoods Gallery.
-SEPTEMBER 2014 - "A Study of Hair", A group show curated by Alexander Mitchell presented at Backwoods Gallery.
-AUGUST 2014 -  4th Solo show, at Backwoods Gallery. Entitled "Oblivion Series".
-NOVEMBER 2013 -  3 pieces for the group show "A Study of Eyes" hosted by Backwoods Gallery in Melbourne, Australia.
-APRIL 2013 -  Featured at Stroke Art Fair in Munich, Germany.
-MARCH 2013 - "Strictly paper" group show in Munich, Germany.
-OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2012 -  A Study of hands group show, Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, curated by Alexander Mitchell. 
-OCTOBER 2012 -  Presented in Feira Parte Art fair, Paço das Artes – USP, São Paulo, Brazil.
-NOVEMBER 2011 -  Vinyl cover for australian composer Galapagoose, EP Commitments.
-SEPTEMBER 2011 –  Third Solo show (first outside Brazil) at Backwoods Gallery - Melbourne, Australia.
-AUGUST 2011 –  Invited by the KONT project to paint a container structure set up in Tallinn, Estonia – The 2011 european capital of culture. (more info at www.kont.ee)
-JUNE 2011 –  Release of "Suben’s Latin america’s Mural art” at Pictures on walls gallery, London -UK.
-APRIL 2011 –  Featured at Stroke Artfair em Munich, Germany.
-NOVEMBER 2010 – Published at “Mural Art Latin América, Suben”.
-OCTOBER 2010 –  Published at “Mural Art – big paintings around the globe” 
-SEPTEMBER 2010 –  Commissioned piece for HSBC Brasil.
-JULY-AUGUST 2010 –  Featured at Rojo-Nova at Image and Sound Museum of São Paulo.
-MAY 2010 –  Featured at STROKE02 art fair, Munich, Germany. Marco Schwalbe (GER) and Christian Kramer (GER) as curators. (www.stroke02.com)
-MAY 2010 –  Featured at “Conquistadores” group show at Strychnin Gallery in New York, USA. Maximiliano Ruiz (ARG) as curator.
-MAY 2010 –  Group show in Black Forest, with Alexander Becherer e Christian Kramer, Germany.
-APRIL 2010 –  Group show at Nuthouse gallery, Karlsruhe, Germany. (www.nuthouse-gallery.com)
-APRIL 2010 –  Second solo exhibition at galleria 600, São Paulo, Brazil.
-FEBRUARY 2010 –  Joined the project LTRHDS. “The exhibition of the english Alphabet” (www.LTRHDS.com) Alexander Mitchell (AUS) as curator. Sydney, Australia.
-JANUARY 2010 –  8 pages on Rojo Magazine.
-DECEMBER 2009 –  Group show in Milan, Luigi Marui (ITA) as curator.
-AUGUST 2009 -  R.U.A. Festival at the Netherlands. 27m height wall painted for the event at Rotterdam’s Eye Hospital. (www.ruafestival.org)
-MARCH 2009 –  Group show presented by Intoxicated-demons gallery, em Berlin, Germany.
-NOVEMBER 2008 –  Group show organized by the german company S.A.P. curated by Luigi Marui (ITA).
-SEPTEMBER 2008 –  Live painting at Karlsruhe, Germany.
-AUGUST 2008 –  Group show at IDG gallery Berlin, Germany. Curated by Marco Schwalbe (GER).
-DECEMBER 2007 –  First solo exhibition at the Mabe Institute gallery, São Paulo, Brazil.
-MARCH 2007–  Work for Adidas along with Zinedine Zidane in a project related to the world cup.



April 2011 - collaborative Installation and wall painting with Mark Jenkins inside the São Paulo Museum of Image and Sound-MIS, São Paulo Brazil.