It has been over 6 months since i started researching, testing, then waiting and managing the boxes so the water and ink kept evaporating without any serious issues that would damage the paper, rot the water, avoid the ink from sticking to the paper, etc.

I am very happy to show you this, the first composition, made of 5 paper strips, each strip containing 4 months time of, basically, water and ink evaporating naturally, with no influence over the natural climate conditions. 5 strips, 4 months each, that is 20 months time, maybe we can see every single day in it, maybe every hour.

An image that shows more then 1,5 years gone, on paper.

Time Textures, composition 1, 2017.

Time Textures, composition 1, 2017.


Detail of one of the pieces from "Time textures".

This image is showing 43 days gone by.

"Time Textures" is contained within the Phantom Pain Series. 

Water,ink,salt, anti fungi chemicals and Time on paper.

Imai, Yusk 2017.

I've decided to include all sketches that led to the final idea of the original work upon sales.

aiming to give you a chance of better understanding each work and how it came to be.

This is only for Phantom Pain 2017 series (for now), since i consider the sketches to be the ghost of originals, you should keep them as well.


First attempt to perform "EGO" on camera. need some tweaks but i like how it started.